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Medals up for grabs … February 28, 2006

Posted by mlqknits in In Progress.
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… now available at Yarn Harlot – along with a printable certificate, and also details for entering prize draw – what are you all waiting for? 


Great Team! February 27, 2006

Posted by gillie in In Progress.
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Just wanted to say what fun it’s been to be part of such a great team!  Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words about my very simple wristlets which my friend loves and is wearing already (guess who forgot to photograph them before giving them away?!)

I am in awe of your wondrous knitting projects.  Who knew we had such talent so close to home? Well, of course, we all did – we just behave in that Great British way and get quietly on with things, don’t we?!

Here’s to the next time!

So close, and yet so far(t)! February 27, 2006

Posted by tutleymutley in In Progress.

I think I was the Eddie Eagle of our squad!?  – I so nearly got there.  Shame I had to work this weekend.  I’ve just got one cuff and the button hole band to knit and sew ends in, finish sewing pocket flaps down and sew the buttons on.  Sounds like quite a lot when you put it like that 😦       I’m impressed by the effort though – this project HAS been sitting in my  cupboard for two years! 

WELL DONE to all my team mates who finished – the gallery of finished articles is AMAZING!  Mine will be finished (but probably not today, unless I can get the breastfeeding lecture preparation finished this afternoon!).

Well, it’s over now, but… February 27, 2006

Posted by susoolu in In Progress.

Congratulations to all those who did finish – Team GB came up with some wonderful knits, and it has been fun. But, I’m sorry to say, I let the team down, and fell at the final fence. Still, I’ll be staggering over the finish line tomorrow (decided sleep, sanity, and a healthy back were actually quite important to me), and am proud to have taken part.

It is the taking part that is important, isn’t it? (Although if I creep up and mug someone’s blog for their gold medal, please forgive me!)

Olympic Shawl February 26, 2006

Posted by knityoga in In Progress.

Rotten photo as just finished and had to take it with flash. Also needs a proper blocking. Better photos to come later. Finished at 6.30 pm. Phew!!!

Pattern: Sirdar Leaflet 3028
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (Shade 601)
Needles: 3.25/3.75mm
Just checked on Yarn Harlot’s blog and there’s 17 minutes to go! How close is that!!
Hazel http://knityoga.blogspot.com

Made it too! February 26, 2006

Posted by Daisy in In Progress.

Hooray, I made it across the finishing line at about 4pm GMT! Not as close as I thought it might be yesterday…

Finished jumpers

Thanks to everyone from TeamGB – it’s been a fun 16 days seeing what everyone else has been up to!

Congratulations to everyone!

Another across the finish line February 26, 2006

Posted by seahorse in In Progress.

Well, here is a slice of tree trunk, or something like it! I’m not 100% happy but as this is attempt #2 at the bark and attempt #3 at the rings on top, I thought that was plenty! I will try and post some better pics and more info on my blog when I have more time tomorrow.

 A huge ‘well done’ to all our finishers to date and a big ‘you can do it’ to everyone still working.

 I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Tean GB and feel I’ve met some great people!



Made it! February 26, 2006

Posted by mlqknits in Completed.

Olympic Knitting 2006

Finished at 9 am UK time this morning (no, I wasn’t up all night, even if my hair looks like it!).

Olympic Knitting 2006

Daughter Emily took the pictures for me, some of them are a little blurred (she’s only 10)

Olympic Knitting 2006

and it’s pretty windy this morning in the south east of England

Olympic Knitting 2006

but here I am looking smug (despite DOH’s comment “Do you realise it’s see-through” – tsk, MEN!) …

Olympic Knitting 2006

… if a little wind-swept.

In the time-honoured words of Muttley, “M-m-m medal?”



I’m done February 25, 2006

Posted by spinningsue in Completed.

And I’m about done in! Somehow I don’t think I’ll be picking up either of the socks that have been languishing for the last 15 days. I think I might do some spinning tomorrow and maybe some dyeing. But no knitting. Not tonight. Not tomorrow.


Really Flagging!!! February 25, 2006

Posted by knityoga in In Progress.

My shoulder is now so painful that I’m having to lay back against a cushion and knit whilst DH reads the 28 row lacy stitch pattern to me for the long, long lace edging that needs to be sewn all around the edge of the shawl.  However, he will only do this in the breaks between the rugby matches on TV.  The rest of the time I have to manage myself.  He has learned all the knitting abbreviations!  Isn’t that good.  Who knows, we might get him knitting next!!!  The four broad borders with mitred edges have now been sewn into place around the centre (that was a real nightmare!!!) and I’m not giving up ……yet ……

Can’t believe I’m doing this.  I still have miles and miles of edging to knit!!!

Wish me luck.  😦

Hazel http://knityoga.blogspot.com